Tuesday, April 5, 2016

An interview with Sarah

I wanted to get Sarah to tell me about the first major predicament the intrepid three (Sarah, Elijah and White Raven Jane) had to face. I thought I'd soften her up first with some questions born of curiosity.

Me: Sarah, you mentioned to me that, in the beginning, you did not want to visit England, and certainly didn't want to stay there. Yet you lived there for the first 9 or 10 years of your life and were happy. What caused you to grow to dislike it after your mother took you back to Texas?

Sarah: My mother. Even though I hated her for taking me away from my home, and for her lifestyle (with which I did not agree), she was a very persuasive person. She told me in no uncertain terms, just what she thought of England and the English. She said it was a miserable, depressing, cold and wet place, always damp and smelled of mould. She described the English as a "nose-in-the-air" race, unfriendly and unkind to foreigners. Over the years I lived with her, I began to believe her description.

Me: Why didn't you want to have your boyfriend, Steven, accompany you?

Sarah: I wanted to tackle the reunion with my childhood on my own, in the privacy of my own mind. I remembered being happy and remembered my Aunt Emma as being sweet and caring. My father was stern, but he doted on me, and I was genuinely sorry that he died. I also wanted to find out, by myself, how he died--an accident, Aunt Emma said in her letter. But was it? I also wanted to discover my roots, and why my mother kept telling me I was a witch.

Besides, Steven is NOT my boyfriend. He was just a friend, a very good friend, but I was definitely not attracted to him in a romantic way.

Me: You said Steven 'was just a friend'--was? What happened--is he no longer a friend?

Sarah: Aha, you'll have to wait and see!

Me: So, tell me about the predicament you, Elijah, and Jane found yourselves in.

Sarah: Okay, I'll tell you just a little--for now. You see, we were on the track of the woman who's toddler had been kidnapped by an evil person. She (the mother) supposedly possessed something the evil person--the Mad Scientist, I suppose you could call him--wanted. He held the child for
ransom--the item he wanted in exchange for the child. The mother set off without knowing  what she was getting into, to save her child.  She had to be found before she got to the land of the Mad Scientist, where she would surely die (gasp!)

Anyway, Jane and Elijah came up with a rough map of the route to the Mad Scientist's lair, along with the obstacles they would encounter. The first was an innocent-looking lake that housed mutated dragons. The had to get across the lake. Elijah was all for swimming, but I'm deathly scared of water and can't swim--so I suggested a boat. The problem was--we didn't have one.

I knew where we could get one--and that was our first obstacle, getting it from where I'd seen it. To find out more, you'll have to wait until I recount the adventure...

Me: Oh boy, I can't wait to write about that.

And so the interview ended. Now I'm off to my draft to see how much of the story Sarah has left for me and about the boat--did they acquire it? How? What happened? Did it get them across the lake? Did they fall afoul of dragons? Mutated dragons--are they any more dangerous than normal fire-breathing dragons?

All for now, readers.