Saturday, October 22, 2016

Just who is writing this story?

     I thought I had things organized--an outline of some sort to help me along with the story. Alas, not so. Sarah and Elijah seem to think it is funny to tell me bits and pieces of their adventures and leave me to sort out what is true, and when, in the story's timeline, the various scenes played out.
     So with so many tales about so many strange things, I've had to make more plans than I wanted. I've tried to get them both "on the same page" (pun intended) but so far that hasn't happened, and I'm getting the strange feeling that I've lost control!
     Their latest experience has left the two of them in an abandoned shack on a weird and mysterious body of water. A young woman they met earlier in this particular day, told them she was from "their world" and an evil mad doctor had kidnapped her toddler daughter, in order to force her by blackmail to hand over some object about which she has no knowledge.  Apparently he is the cause of the mutants they've been told about.
     Before the young woman can give them directions to where the mad doctor lives and conducts his experiments, she runs off, leaving Sarah and Elijah to figure out "where they go from here".

                                              Abandoned shack. Photograph by Tony Marshall, LRPS

This falling-down house on the edge of a dark and mysterious lake, looks just like the one Sarah described to me.  Imagine all the creepy-crawlies that have taken up residence since the abandonement...

     Now I have to go and sort out which of the experiences they've told me about, happened next. Do they find out where the mysterious woman went to? Was she who she clained to be? Did the mad doctor really kidnap a child?