Saturday, November 28, 2015

Amusement Park or torture chamber?

 Sarah and Elijah begin to realize they're no longer in Ravenwood. Lights show up ahead, through the darkness. Lights beaming from a Ferris Wheel surrounded by the innocent booths and rides of an Amusement Park.

Sarah insists they are still in Ravenwood; Elijah is not so sure. Besides, nowhere in or around Ravenwood was there an amusement park; not a carnival nor a travelling fair. None that were advertised. And the crows, why are the crows still following them? Or are they leading them to somewhere--or away from somewhere?

As the dawn breaks, and the sun shows up the many shades of green in the grasses and trees--again, trees which Sarah still believes are the trees of Ravenwood--Sarah is eager to reach the sideshows, rides, and the Ferris Wheel. The child in her is excited. On the other hand, will there be clowns? Clowns are creepy and anonymous.

Why does a small child warn them of "the Devil's carnival"? What happens there? Why are there no crowds swarming around the booths and rides? The screams from the Tunnel of Horrors don't sound to be recorded sound effects--they sound so very real. What is going on?

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