Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sarah won't talk!

I've been away for a while--or I should say, my writing mind has been away. I tried to get Sarah to fill in for me, but she said she wasn't as brave as Elijah and wasn't ready to "talk", and why didn't I get him to write more. 

My problem was ('was' because now I think it's fixed) my plot came to a fork in the road, and it wouldn't take the one I wanted it to. I wanted Tolkien and was getting Alice in Wonderland. After discussing the problem with writer friends who are more experienced than I, I'm taking their advice and letting my characters lead me where they may.

At this point, Sarah is about to enter the amusement park again, though she goes kicking and screaming (metaphorically speaking.)  Elijah taunts her that she's not the brave Texan she claims to be, so she has to prove him wrong. Besides, she's the only one who is thin enough to accomplish the task at hand.

If their plan works, they will be on their way, hoping to rescue a friend, cross the stinking Brimstone Lake populated by Dragomonsters (dragons unable to breathe fire and banished to live out their lives on the sulphur sanded lake bottom.)

Will our fearless duo, along with Jane, Sarah's great-great-ever-so-many greats, grandmother (in human form, but a beautiful White Raven in the alternate world of the Corvids) be able to rescue the Dragomonsters from their imprisonment in Lake Brimstone? Will the rescued, and once again fire-breathing, dragons be grateful? Or will they remain angry and bitter against their enemies, which they think includes Sarah and Elijah?

What lies on the opposite side of the lake? If Jane is to be believed, the mutant results of a madman's experimentation; a cavernous world of beautiful but poisonous crystals; and the madman himself.

More news in the next few days, if I can get my friends out of their first dangerous encounter.

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