Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New character shows up uninvited

I'm sure other, more experienced authors have had this happen--about a third of the way into the story a character suddenly pops up and introduces him/herself. Well, it happened to me. This girl appeared in my head, said her name was Lucy; she wouldn't go away. when I found out more about her, I realized she needed to come into the story, one way or another, much earlier. So I have to go back to the beginning and bring her into the conversation--even if she doesn't put in a physical appearance then.

Is Lucy good or bad? How will she affect Sarah and Elijah? Just who is she? And, most important of all, what does she want and why.

This story feels like a piece of tapestry work--missed stitches earlier have to be inserted so as not to be an obvious alteration.

So, along with creating my Christmas cards for this year, and creating polished gem-stone jewelry for special gifts, I will be editing my previous chapters in order to weave in the presence of Lucy.

Keep Calm, Vivra--and Carry On.

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