Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Inhuman Experiments

When I talked with Elijah last, he promised to show me some of the pictures he'd taken with Sarah's mobile phone before the battery died completely, photographs Sarah refused to have anything to do with--she was so traumatized by the items Elijah had photographed.

Unfortunately Elijah discovered that Sarah had taken her phone back and had destroyed it. So Elijah and I surfed the Internet and found photographs that he said were so like the ones he took, it was uncanny. I have included a couple with this post.

They are a product of Windell H. Oskay, founder of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, and the site, and if you're interested (and it is a great site) you will find the pictures in an archived post, about which I will say something at the end of this blog.

Because of Elijah's information about Sarah not telling me the absolute truth about their experiences in the parallel world, I will have--and have had--to go back almost to the beginning of this story; well, at least to the chapter prior to them falling down the hollow tree into Lostererth.  I need to change quite a few things...but that's what writers do.

Now, about Windell Oskay's post in which the attached photographs are shown. First--believe it or not, the items in the specimen jars--yes, all of them--are edible (can I hear a 'yeuch'?) His archived article explains they are composed for Halloween, and it's amazing what you can do with simple food products. I hope you will explore the site for yourself, and check the archives for the post on October 19, 2011, 'Halloween Cuisine: Sweet or Savory Specimen Jars", it almost appears quite evil, the way he makes ordinary food look, well--inhuman!

Here's another of Windell Oskay's 'experiments'. Are they human fingers? Sure look like them. You will have to visit to find out where they came from and  how they got in the jar.

If what Sarah and Elijah saw in that freaky fun house room was anything like these photographs--no wonder Sarah doesn't want to remember!

More news about Ravenwood in a few days...

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON--and remember, Can't never Could.

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