Monday, August 8, 2016

Time has flown--hear me groan

It's been a while

I  just checked the date of my last blog--four months ago. Well it has been s strange quarter year. Elijah told me confidentially that Sarah had not told me the truth about their stay in the parallel world. He told me she had toned it down very much, because her experience had somewhat traumatized her--she wanted to forget, and so made up some of the stories so that they were more like fairy tales. Hmm, a budding children's writer, possibly? 

After Elijah told me more about the happenings in the world I now know is Lostererth I confronted Sarah. I put my limited knowledge of psychology to work and convinced her that talking about what really happened and the horrific things she saw would be cathartic; and so she opened up. The counselling sessions took a few weeks, and took a toll on her, as well as myself.

Her first unpleasant (to put it mildly) experience in the Freak Show area of what she originally described as merely an abandoned amusement park, left me wondering if I would be able to stomach hearing "the rest of the story"; and it is ongoing. So I will be back with more "teasers". 

Please come back and set a spell (as my late mother-in-law used to say) and read more about Ravenwood in Lancashire (on Earth)--and Ravenholme (on Lostererth.)

I promise to be back soon. I will have one or two pictures--if I can wheedle them from Elijah. Sarah asked him not to let me have them, but I think I can get them--we'll see.

Keep Calm and Carry On (and Rule Britannia)

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