Monday, August 31, 2015

Herne the Hunter--Helpful, or Harmful?

There are many legends surrounding Herne; some depict him as good, a protector of the forests and the hunt. Some say is he a representation of the Devil--the mythical Horned God.  Others  describe him as simply another version of the Green Man.

In THE RAVENWOOD PORTAL, Sarah Jane Bulcock will encounter both. Which will she trust? Who will she follow? What will she discover in this Alternate Universe--a universe that holds the answer to a secret, a secret that will guide Sarah to her future--if she can get find her way back to the present.

What is the significance of the White Raven--and what powers does she  have? Can she and Sarah help each other find the peace they both yearn for?

Please keep following my journey in Ravenwood--I'd like to tell you more about the human characters who journey with me.

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