Monday, August 17, 2015

More facts, and a lot of fiction

In the shadow of Pendle Hill lie many small towns and villages, all with centuries-old houses, farms, barns, and buildings. They have names--Clitheroe, Roughlee, Trawden, Wycoller, Colne, Burnley, and Barley--and Cowark.

My Ravenwood Hall and Estate is located among them--fictional, of course. The inspiration for Ravenwood is historical Browsholme Hall, at least five hundred years old, and owned since the beginning by the Parker family.

My fictional family and its descendants, the Bulcocks, have owned Ravenwood since the 1600's. John Bulcock and his pregnant wife, Jane, were among the party of alleged witches sent to Lancaster for trial in 1612. In fact, however, the couple sent for trial was a Jane Bulcock and her son John--I changed the relationship for the sake of my story!

Browsholme has a ghost, and my Ravenwood has one. You will have to read the book to find out what it does, and who it might be. That area abounds with stories and myths of hauntings and surely descendants of the Lancashire Witches could be up to mischief to this very day.

And here's another Green Man...ooh, I wonder what he wants?


Gay Ingram said...

Great teasers Vivra

Vivra Patricia Beene said...

I'm even getting excited myself! Thanks for commenting, Gay.