Monday, August 31, 2015

What Light Breaks at the End of the Tunnel?

During the reigns of Queen Elizabeth the First and King James the First, (of England, of course) it was a punishable offence to celebrate the Catholic Mass. It was dangerous to be known to do so, both for the Priest and the worshippers. So strong were those of the Catholic Faith, and so determined to continue to worship in that Faith, that they built “Priest’s Holes” into their homes (at least, those who could afford to)—secret hidey-holes where a Priest could be hidden away from the authorities. Some were so small a man couldn’t turn around—and sometimes a Priest would have to “lay low” for several days in such a hole while authorities conducted a search.

Passages, also secret, lead from some of these homes to neighboring houses, allowing a Priest access to other devout families. It was a dangerous time for Catholics.

Like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, Sarah and her friend Elijah accidentally fall into the hollow of an ancient oak tree while trying to retrieve the medallion stolen by a mischievous crow. This hollow tunnel deposits them in a passage man-made with rough-hewn stone blocks.

But the passage doesn’t lead to another house—so where do Sarah and Elijah find themselves? And to whom do the angry voices belong? Will they be involved in a fight—prevent a killing—form a friendship? And what happened to that medallion? Hmm, I shall have to keep writing to find out :-)

Is he good or is he bad?
Ooh, that Herne is quite a lad!

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Gay Ingram said...

I am intrigued by your teasers. Shaping up to be an interesting book.