Sunday, August 23, 2015

The White Raven--Princess, Goddess, Witch?

I am fascinated by rarities. My Ravenwood harbors a rare white raven. Sarah catches glimpses of it as she explores the woods around Ravenwood Hall. Her aunt is horrified when asked about it--the locals say such a bird is an omen of doom and death.

In fact, it is the black members of the Corvus Corax family--ravens, crows, etc., that are feared as being connected with evil. That is probably because of their fondness for carrion--and for mischief. They will steal anything bright, shiny, and round--even polished pebbles.

More fact: it is the opinion of those who haven't seen one up close, that the white ravens are merely albino versions of the bird; however, albino birds would have pink eyes and a pink beak. A true white raven has blue eyes, and a thick, white, beak--no trace whatsoever of pink among its feathers.

Why does Sarah think this White Raven of Ravenwood is stalking her? Why do three crows always seem to be in attendance when the white bird is seen? When will Sarah meet the legendary Green Man--and will he be able to answer her questions?

I won't tell you the answers to those questions--I will give you clues as my work in progress, um, progresses. Stay tuned, friends.

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